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Evaluations, Movements and Statistics are graphics or numbers reflecting how you were evaluated—though they never state who evaluated you—and what you’ve paid or collected from each specific person.

Transfers enable you to pay another user an agreed-upon amount.

A user proposing his or her values and behaviours. Though you read it in third person, it refers to you, so you answer about yourself.

A No means this person does not fulfil this value. A Yes means they do. Ticking Ignore means you don’t want to be evaluated on this and that sentence will not appear on other people’s screens, so you cannot be evaluated on it. Neither will you receive coins for that value.

Here we call them Points, but during the installation process you can choose any name you want for the currency.

Una valoración ajena

A user evaluating another after selecting them from a list or running a search for them.

A Yes means that they deserve a coin for fulfilling this value. The coin doesn’t come from him or her but from the general treasury. Double ticking means that she or he deserves more coins for that same value, having gone above and beyond what you expected.

Control panel

Administration, control panel.

Panorámica de usuarios

Whoever administrates the user control panel can see users’ currency balances as well as when they logged on. There are also tools for editing user data.


Multiple signature for more than one administrator to authorise special operations. This facilitates management transparency.

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