Legal notice

Kptl Truth 102...14 or KT is an IT program designed for servers which centralizes the distribution of a local and experimental complementary electronic currency accessed and traded between registered individuals. It is protected under a Creative Commons BY NC SA license with these attributes:

Development - Transformation of the project. You are free to copy, distribute and speak publicly about the project and the program downloaded from

Acknowledgement - The credits of the project should be acknowledged in the manner specified by the author or the license holder. This should not infer that the author or license holder backs the personal use which can be made of the social program.

Non commercial - This program cannot be used for commercial gain.

Sharing under the license - If the program is alterred or transformed or used to create a subsequent program, it can only be shared under an identical license. is not responsible for the content of external sites linked from it.

The idea and the program code have been created from a purely philanthropic human stance. Individuals assume their own capability and responsibility, administering and using it appropriately. The intention is that it is useful and beneficial and responsibility cannot be held for any damage caused by its misuse.

The program has been subject to extensive testing and functions with the level of stability and accuracy which can be expected of machines and humans. This idea has been conceived with the best intentions, making improvements whenever possible. The lines of code have been put at your disposal for your use and analysis.

Complementary currency, or more precisely a complementary or alternative, electronic and experimental currency is the currency format distributed by the program. As with all alternative or complementary currencies they are unofficial monetary units which are not backed by a government. They tend to be established in local or regional populations and as such are also known as local currencies. In this case, its electronic format also prohibits its physical ownership such that each user receives an abstract or virtual quantity: a number on their screen.

For users and administrators who download and use the program on their own servers

Please consult your local data protection legislation.

We remind the administrators of Kptl Truth tha they should protect their privacy of their users, manage the program database and inform and register it with the relevant authorities according to the local country legislation. The data which the program initially requests from the users and the administrator are: name, alias, date of birth and email address. Thereafter, only personal responses to mutual axiological valuation questionnaires will be requested.

For users and administrators who use KT on this website

The user and/or the adminstrator understand that personal details have been voluntarily submitted. The data submitted by the users will be introduced into an automated document whose aim is to digitally distribute the local electronic complementary currency.

The document name is Internal Experimentors [Experimentadores internos sitio]

Administrators and Users can exercise their right to access, modify, cancel and object, in accordance with the personal data protection law: Ley Orgánica 5/1999 dated 13 December. To this effect the website owner can be contacted at kapitaltruth (at) This does not affect the users rights to access, modify and revoke consent offered by the system.

Version 2 of Kptl Truth is an initiative of Francisco Ortega Martinez and coded by José Carlos Cruz Parra, programmer and analyst.

Notes of the version.