The application is for servers, which give access to PCs or mobile phone browsers. It is not suitable for personal computers which do not usually operate as 24h servers.

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Installation in a classroom

KT is suitable for teaching based on values: the behaviour and values chosen by the education centre. There are 2 options: instalation on the computer server connected to the classroom PCs during school hours or on the school website with 24-7 access from any PC. In the latter case the school server will have to facilitate the php extensions.

In the first scenario, KT must be installed on a database system which permits the use of php. This can be downloaded here.

In either case the following steps must be taken to install KT.

Instalation on the server

For users with knowledgs of how to configure servers. For example, W2003 and 1.8.0 Xampp.

Before commencing the instalation you must be aware of the values and human behaviours which are going to be explored, grouped into broad categories, the name of the administrator(s) of the application – not necessarily the installers – and the name which will be given the currency.

Once you are in the database manager for example this one


create the database with the agreed name.

Establish these modules.

Then, find the folder called htdocs for example in the route C:/Xampp

and create a subfolder with all the compressed files which you have downloaded from here. It is called KT in this example.

If the installation is for classroom use – with hardware in your network – find the following route in for example Xamp


And open the file called httpd-xampp.conf If you see the following:

# New XAMPP security concept

Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from
ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_XAMPP_FORBIDDEN.html.var

replace it with this, adding a #

# New XAMPP security concept

Order deny,allow
#Deny from all
Allow from
ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_XAMPP_FORBIDDEN.html.var

Initiate install in KT. In the example it can be started following the route

Read the legal terms and conditions relating to the database you are about to create.

Here are some the recommendations of how to apply the personal database regulations according to spanish law.

Name the database you have created.

Input the names as planned. The email address should be the corporate administrator correspondence address. Strength is the agreed number of coins which will be in circulation: between 100 and 1 million coins. In future versions of the programme the possible quantity will be exponentially higher. Select eliminate tables if you are carrying out a reinstallation and want to eliminate previously created tables. Accept the predetermined basic value and behaviour categories, they can be modified at a later date.

The senior-content adminstrator is the role at the top of the application hierarchy. This person controls the CMS, the SWPHP content management system and the KPTL module which operates on it. This individual registers new users, overviews the currency distribution and is the banker. If seems only reasonable that this person is also a user of the system. The hierarchy of attributes is

  1. Installation.

  2. Decide whos signatures are required to control the level of the CMS or the KPTL systems.

  3. And agree whos signatures from the lower levels of hierarchy are required to control the KPTL panel.

  4. Add, edit and remove permissions alongside those selected for 1 & 2.

  5. Add, edit and remove value categories or groups of value questions alongside those selected for 1 & 2.

  6. Add, edit and remove value questions about inside the categories alongside those selected for 1 & 2.

  7. See the summary of all the currency in circulation and the balance in the treasury.

  8. Publish news.

  9. Use the application: personal or third party valuations, pay or receive transfers.

On the whole it is designed so that access to the highest levels of the system require more signatures, more people to input their passwords into the same screen. But the configuration can be personalised in accordance with your norms of entry.

Thus with more than one person accessing the administrator platform, users can be sure that the system is not run as an oligarchy.

The distribution engine operates only once – symbolically – at night, thus allowing sufficient time for mutual valuations to be applied. But it can also be carried out when users enter the system.

A specific line of code can be added, in an additional step, by the administrator in order to ficticiously go forward in time. A very useful tool during the initial program test period. This tool should be used with care: it can lead to confusion if users expect the system to calculate and distribute the currency only once a day.

As seen in the example found using this route

This distribution engine does not impact upon the the payment or receipt of transfers between users, since these are always immediate.

Now you have two control important control panels: the overall panel and within it this KPTL panel. Firstly you must go to the categories of questions and edit the categories or questions included.

You can also add new users in this control panel. You are responsible for registering them following their application, they cannot register without your approval. They will initially enter with a temporary password which you will assign them although you should ask them to change it.

Control panel

From here you will edit the general categories which include the values and behaviours that will be studied: for example Basic, Environment, Energy and Everyday machinery, Teamworking, Community values, Use of the program


Here you can add category value and behaviour questions. You should write these in the third person.

These questions can be changed or reedited at any time, but preferably with prior consent from the other users.

Create questions

Once at least five questions have been input, the application can be used by selecting activate. From the control panel, go to KPTL > Configuration.

Complete control panel

Enable KPTL

Code can be activated to force the launch of the instant distribution engine and the system will go forward a day.

cron forced

The embedded code in the script explained in step 4 of the installation process. If used, users should be informed.

As the super-administrator, the publication of news is possible from here. Useful for the communication of recommended prices for goods and services and the control of the system. The control panel of the rest of the administrators offers fewer functions,

Admin control

although if configured, your presence may be necessary so that the super-administrator can carry out certain important actions. This gives users more trust in the system.

Bear in mind that the users should only access the application via the specified entry methods, the server manager should be configured so that, for security, users cannot access the database. Please read the security guidelines for the production phase and do not leave blank the root passowrd field in de database.

Security check

Now check this from the users machines by following this example from the route taking special note of the access points via proxys and firewalls.


Download in compressed formats zip and tgz.

Make sure you get the best upgrade or tell us about any problems.

We hope this has been interesting and useful.