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This is an alternative or complement to traditional monetary model. Is a new hypothesis for the economic value: assuming that the human axiological value and the value of everyday interpersonal behavior can be the basis of economic value.


The demurrage fee of certain social currencies here is not relevant. The demurrage is a strategy to prevent hoarding of currency by someone. This accumulation can be axiologically good or bad: it corresponds to other users judge and withdraw ratings, or not make transfers.


We created the idea and the program code with a philanthropic approach. You take your ability and your responsibility, either by administering either using it or by guarding and maintaining the database secured your server. Hope you find it very useful and helpful, and we downloaded, however, of any responsibility for the misuse that you may suffer.

We have submitted before the intensive testing program and works with the stability and the correction we expected for machines and humans, and we are always conceiving of all well-intentioned idea, improving it where possible, and creating lines of code, we provide you and we make available for you to use or analyze.


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